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2012-07-07 21:10:31 by deathdoom1

I Love cats!!!
This post is dedicated for Shakil xD


Run Away from Lava 2
Run Away from Lava 1

My First Apit2010 Games Walkthrough


2011-12-20 11:19:14 by deathdoom1

Almost some days for it!

For a quest,that guy is named jabmoreno
He is telling things what Mikey never tell in his life like it:

Mikeys9607 think his website better than newgrounds WRONG

Mikeys9607 is a homossexual man WRONG (He is really gay?So why you have preconception against gays?

So Mikeys9607 is gay only because he like watching MyLittle Ponies? Look your face jabmoreno! You post Poneis videos too! Why you don,t eat your mom before telling about another peoples like Mikeys9607

Look yourself on mirror before! Sucker!

So You now are angry because I am posting a bad review about you and your trash family?
You are very idiot and want hack me now?

You want report me about this post?
Are u not a man? So if u are a real man and don,t cry about these posts,do not report me or everybody from the Newgrounds!

Moderators? This guy want report me? So watch this video! k5Vk

And this video too! akaI

By deathdoom1 (The Inazuma Eleven and Pokémon Fan)

Someone hates Mikeys9607 on youtube !!

For a time,I will play some flash games here on newgrounds again!

Super Eleven - GREAT!

2011-06-24 22:23:18 by deathdoom1

I watched every year!
I can,t stop watch it!

And please Banglaboy96 or others
I have more 2 weeks without pc

Super Eleven - GREAT!

Two mounths without computer

2011-05-21 12:29:47 by deathdoom1


Streets of rage remake v5 by bombergames videos!

2011-04-20 12:50:56 by deathdoom1

well,i wait it for 8 years, eeeight years!


Stage 8 (SOR3 Stage 6 Style)
Stage 7 (Stage 7B SOR3 Style) Rudra Battle

And here is a Freedom of tacos 1/ 1.5 walktrough

Banglaboy96 and Mikeys9607 games guide video

2011-03-24 13:25:54 by deathdoom1

Well,see this videos by henchhank aka deathdoom1!

Banglaboy96 Games Guide:

Button Game 8
Button Game X-mas
Button Game 9 Guide
BG9 DEMO-My Point Proven-Saza Destroy the World-Picklow,s revenge

Mikeys Games Guide:

Fern-Eirian No Kogeki
Fern-Shijõ Saiko No Batoru Part 1
Fern-Shijõ Saiko No Batoru Part 2
Fern-Splapp Eliminator
Fern-Splapp Eliminator 2

Banglaboy96 and Mikeys9607 games guide video

The post!

2011-03-18 14:49:57 by deathdoom1

nothing,but look my Pokemon Ruby walktrough in youtube
Search henchhank

The post!